Applications of corrosion coupons manufactured by Crystal Industrial Syndicate

The different types of coupons and their appropriate holders follow an identical procedure. The principal function of Coupon holders is to be attached to solid plugs, but Crystal makes coupon holders that may be used with a hollow plug. The directions for insertion and removal of a coupon holder connected to a solid or hollow plug in systems under pressure are presented in detail in the Crystal Operation Manual.

  1. As per the instructions in the operations manual, the solid plug should be removed from the access fitting using the retriever and service valve
  2. When the solid plug is removed from the retriever, care should be taken so as to not touch the coupons on the coupon holder.
  3. Evaluate the coupons and coupon holder for mechanical damage. Inspect the condition of the coupon(s) (e.g. covered with scales, covered heavily with dirt, no deposits coated with greasy/non-greasy film, etc.).
  4. While taking care to avoid touching the coupons with bare hands or tools, remove the coupons from the coupon holder
  5. After making a note of the serial number on the coupon and noting its location in the line, wrap each coupon individually.
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