Get effective corrosion measurement with the innovative corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial

The corrosion coupons manufactured at Crystal Industrial are small metal bars or sheets which assist in the determination of corrosion when these are dipped into the chemical solutions. The chemical solution is the same to which the vessel plants or pipelines are exposed on a regular basis.

The oil and gas industries at Dubai deal with harsh chemicals and gas; due to this the vessel plants and pipelines used at these industries are prone to corrosion, weight loss and early damage. To get an extended service life of these equipment, it is necessary to determine the rate of corrosion which these equipment undergo on a daily basis; the corrosion coupons are a great help in this work.

If the rate of corrosion can be determine properly, it is easy to undertake preventative measures, like apply corrosion resistant alloys over the base metal. The corrosion coupons also help you to determine if there has been any positive or negative impact of the corrosion resistant measure.

The corrosion coupons are popular in the oil and gas industries of Dubai as these are quite cheap. These low cost corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial can also be stored for as long as a year. These are delivered in vapour sealed bags and hence are safe from contamination. This enables a cost saving corrosion monitoring process.

You can also get customised corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial. The experienced engineers of this leading manufacturer can manufacture corrosion coupons of the same chemical composition as per the sample provided.

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