Now customised corrosion coupons for the oil industry of Sharjah

As one of the leading manufacturers of oil and gas, the petrochemical industries of Sharjah are in continuous need of advanced and innovative equipment to improve the production process. As the equipment used in this industry are continuously exposed to harsh chemicals, preventative measures to delay the damage is a must.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are one of those advanced corrosion monitoring tools which provides you with a visual indication of corrosion. The corrosion coupons used at Sharjah are small metal plates which are inserted into the same chemical solution to which the equipment is exposed continuously.

After a definite time span, the corrosion coupons are taken out of the chemical solution to check out the rate of corrosion that has affected the coupons. These corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are equipped with sensors which can determine the rate of corrosion that occurs at different depths of the solution.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial can also be used to study the correlation of changes in different process parameters and the impact of same on the system corrosion at the oil refineries of Sharjah.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial can be used to measure corrosion of various systems used at the oil and gas industries of Sharjah. At Crystal Industrial, the corrosion coupons are manufactured as per the unique process requirements of the Sharjah oil industries. The corrosion coupons are manufactured with the same material with which the vessel plant or pipeline has been manufactured. The dimension of the corrosion coupons can also be altered as per the process need.

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