Put a check to continuous corrosion with corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial

corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are metallic bars which help you to determine the rate of corrosion that is adversely affecting the equipment.

The equipment used at the oil refineries of Ajman is prone to corrosion and early damage due to the harsh chemical environment. Hence it is important to measure the rate of corrosion and put a check on the corrosion. The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial offer an excellent visual indication of corrosion.

The corrosion coupons are manufactured with the same materials with which the original equipment used at the oil and gas industries of Ajman has been manufactured. The corrosion coupons are weighed prior to use. Then the corrosion coupons are placed in the same chemical solution in which the equipment is exposed regularly.

After a specific time span the corrosion coupons are taken out of the solution for corrosion measurement. The corrosion coupons are then weighed to check the loss of weight that has occurred after exposure to the harsh chemical solution.

The used corrosion coupons are photographed which offers an instant view of the corrosion that has occurred on the coupon. The usual time span for which the corrosion coupons are kept in solution is 30 to 90 days.

The expert engineers at Crystal Industrial take all necessary precautions to prevent the contamination of the corrosion coupons, when delivered to faraway places like that of Ajman. The corrosion coupons are packed in vapour sealed bags and can be shelved for as long as a year.

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