Rely on the best for effective corrosion coupons at Alain

The accurate determination of corrosion is one of the critical factors for an extended service life of your expensive vessel plants and pipelines.

Stabilising the investment in the oil and gas industries is one of the prime concerns of the plant operators of Alain; hence corrosion coupons are a must in their production process.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are small metallic bars available in various shapes and sizes and are manufactured with system specific materials.

The flat coupons, the cylindrical coupons, the scale coupons are some of the standard corrosion coupons from this leading manufacturer which are used at Alain oil refineries.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial also differ in the ultimate surface finish, depending on the purpose of use of these corrosion monitoring devices. Some are referred as mill finish, which are kept in the same condition as these are produced.

Some corrosion coupons are referred as glass bead, which are blasted with glass beads. Some corrosion coupons used at Alain are fine finished, for corrosion tests which require smooth surface.

The last are the corrosion coupons with extra fine finish, which are known as double disc ground. These corrosion coupons are generally used for corrosion monitoring where smooth surface of the coupons play a vital role.

The corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are available at short notice. You just need to provide sample materials and the customised corrosion coupons will be delivered at Alain, carefully packed for long storage.

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